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About The HHC Growth Challenge

HHC Growth Challenge


To help resource people with specific content in order to grow on their personal and spiritual journey.

How It Works...

The Growth Challenge is completely voluntary. Participants will have a series of action steps, videos, and questions that will go with the Growth Challenge resources. The HHC leadership will monitor and verify the completion of each resource. As a participant completes a level, he/she will be recognized for their accomplishment by HHC. After the completion of a level you are eligible to move on to the next level.

There are NO move at your own pace as you go through the resources. This is completely up to you to grow on your own time-frame. Once you register and pay the registration fee you will set up your own unique membership to the site and be ready to grow!

How To Get Started...

1) Register here

2) Pay the online membership fee of $15.00 (one-time fee for life)

3) You will be emailed with instructions on setting up your unique membership access.

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