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The Worship Revolution Module 9

Module 9

Watch Pastor Chris' video message entitled "Hurt Vs. God". Download and print the handout that goes along with the message.

Hurt Vs. God Message


click on the image above to download then print

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Module 9

Step 1) Read Chapter 8...

Step 2) Watch the video...

Step 3) Download and print out the Declaration Statements Template...

Come up with statements for yourself that address the 5 W's & an H for your life...

Below is an example of my 5 W's & an H...Come up with your own declaration statements that are an expression of who you are. Think through the statement for each one as your core values of worship.


Who - I will worship the Triune living God, Creator and Savior of all.

What - Worship is my whole life reflecting the nature and character of God.

When - No matter what may occur I will choose to endure as a worshiper.

Where - I will never be ashamed to talk about my Savior no matter where I am.

Why - Because He is the Savior of my soul and my best friend.

How - I will worship God with my heart, soul, mind, and strength.    

Declaration Statements Template

(download by clicking on the image above)

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